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qPCR Takyon™ Dry

qPCR Takyon™ Dry from Eurogentec

Takyon™ Dry is a new lyophilized ready-to-use MasterMix format for real-time qPCR and RT-qPCR Probe assays. It produces consistent results with high sensitivity and high processivity.
Takyon™ Dry is compatible with all qPCR platforms and contains new Takyon™ fusion enzyme which is activated in a very short time.
The lyophilization process makes the reagents stable for 18 months at ambient temperature, greatly simplifying storage and handling of the kits. Takyon™ Dry reagents demonstrate equivalent reliable and sensitive performance to that of the efficient and sensitive in-solution DNA and RNA Takyon™ MasterMixes.

Takyon™ Dry mix be instantly reconstituted in any volume up to a 5X concentrated MasterMix.


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