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Accessories for your NanoDrop

Accessories for your NanoDrop

The pedestal surfaces may lose their “conditioned” propertied over time, especially after measurements with solutions that contain surfactants or detergents. An unconditioned pedestal causes droplets on the lower pedestal to “flatten out”, preventing proper formation of the liquid column when the arm is lowered. The resulting spectrum may look “rough” or “jagged”. If sample flattens out on the pedestal, rather than beading up, the liquid column breaks during measurements, and a reconditioning of the pedestals with PR-1 is necessary. The specially formulated conditioning compound is applied to the pedestals to restore them to a hydrophobic state (required to achieve adequate surface tension for accurate sample measurements). The kit includes conditioning compound and applicators.

A performance Verification (also called calibration-check) of your NanoDrop is recommended every 6 months, as a good laboratory practice, to confirm that the accuracy of the instrument is within specifications. A performance verification is done by using CF-1 for NanoDrop 1000/2000/2000c models, and PV-1 for NanoDrop One/C. We also recommend to recondition the pedestals using PR-1 before doing a performance verification.

Cat. no. Product Promo price
CF-1 NanoDrop Performance Verification Solution (For NanoDrop
PV-1 NanoDrop Performance Verification Solution (for NanoDrop One/C) 850,-
PR-1 NanoDrop Reconditioning Kit 928,-
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