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AccuGENE molecular biology water

AccuGENE molecular biology water from Lonza

AccuGENE™ molecular biology buffers are ready-to-use solutions ideal for a wide range of molecular biology applications.
Each reagent is prepared with 18 megOhm water, filtered using a 0.2 micron filter, and filled into sterile bottles.

• Reliable - Manufactured according to strict quality control standards to
  ensure lot-to-lot consistency
• High Quality - No detectable DNase, RNase, or protease activities
• Efficient - Ready-made solutions eliminate experiment preparation time
• Flexible - Customized solutions are available to meet individual needs Product Size Promo price
51200 AccuGENE™ Water 1 L 94,-
51223 AccuGENE™ Water 10 L 695,-
51224 AccuGENE™ Water 20 L 1020,-
The offers are listed excl. VAT and shipping charges and are valid until 30.06.2017. Promotional code #NL-2/17 must be referenced when ordering to recieved the discounted prices.


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