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Custom polyclonal antibody production

Custom polyclonal antibody production - Speedy 28-Day

Speedy 28-Day is the reference program for the production of custom polyclonal antibodies at Eurogentec. This proprietary program uses a non-Freund adjuvant that stimulates the immune response and gives mostly IgG’s, despite the short immunization time. Since 2007, their exclusive Speedy 28-Day program has allowed the production of >6000 polyclonals.

Speedy anti-peptide programs
This program includes: peptide design and synthesis, coupling to a carrier protein, 28-Day immunization, and an ELISA guarantee. The Speedy anti-peptide program has an average yield of 10 - 20 mg specific antibody per rabbit and can be performed in rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and goats. Eurogentec has been designing peptides for immunizations for over 20 years and have developed specific algorithms for the most accurate design of good antigens. As a result their success rate is >95%

Speedy DX
To increase the chance of success the Speedy-DX program uses two peptides, corresponding to spatially distinct regions of the target protein surface. This increases the opportunity of the resultant polyclonals to recognise the target protein in its natural environment.

Speedy post translational modification (PTM)
The Speedy 28-Day includes a very efficient immunization protocol with frequent boosts. It is therefore well-adapted to generate Abs, specifically targeting PTMs, as it can minimize instability of the modification(s) on the peptide used as antigen. By far the most popular requested PTMs specific Abs are directed to phosphorylated residues but they can also do anti-methylation, antiacetylation and many more PTM Abs.

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