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FlashGel™ system

FlashGel™ system from Lonza

The FlashGel™ System from Lonza gets straight to your results. Simply load samples, watch bands migrate and get data in as little as 2 minutes. Say goodbye
to gel preparation, band excision, purification, and UV light. Complete separation, recovery and documentation safely, at the bench, in minutes.

• 5 minute separation and recovery
• See bands in as little as 2 minutes
• Real-time separation and documentation
• Watch band migration as it happens
• Outstanding sensitivity and resolution
• Photograph gels at the bench, without DNA damaging UV light
• Recover samples directly, without UV light, band excision or purification Product Promo price
57026 FlashGel Starter Pack Kit
Contains a FlashGel™ Dock, a pack of 1.2% DNA Cassettes, Loading dye and Marker.
8 900,-
57064 FlashGel recovery kit
Contains FlashGel™ Recovery Cassettes 1.2%, 8+1 double-tier well (9 pk), FlashGel™ Loading Dye, FlashGel™ Recovery Buffer, FlashGel™ QuantLadder, Visualization Glasses, and FlashGel™ Mask
4 390,-

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The offers are listed excl. VAT and shipping charges and are valid until 30.06.2018. Promotion code #NL-2/18 must be referenced when ordering to recieve the promo prices.


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