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Primary cell and media

Primary cell and media from Lonza

With Lonza’s primary cells and media products, you get access to added benefits:

• Cells from normal and diseased donors

Over 20 donors are available for selected cell types and special donor characteristics can be requested. For diseased cells, detailed donor information including list of medications, cause of death and more can be requested

• Custom solutions including cell isolation, media production and 3D culture services

Lonza’s Cells on Demand™ Custom Services give access to expanded options such as additional diseased cells or protocol development for 3D culture.

• Recommended media to support primary cells

The BulletKit™ Media Kits have been specially designed to support the growth of Lonza’s primary cells. Each BulletKit™ Medium is comprised of basal medium and a SingleQuot™ Kit with necessary growth factors and supplements to support proliferation of cells.

10% off when ordering primary cells + BulletKit media

The offer is valid until 30.06.2017. Promotional code #NL-2/17 must be referenced when ordering to recieve the discount. 


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