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Products for your antibody work

Products for your antibody work from Vector Laboratories

Avidin/Biotin Blocking Kit (#SP-2001): This kit blocks all endogenous biotin, biotin receptors, and avidin binding sites present in tissues. It consists of 18 ml Avidin D and 18 ml of biotin in convenient dropper bottles.
Special offer: Kr. 1 860,-

R.T.U. Animal-Free Block and Diluent (AFB) (#SP-5035): A ready-to-use solution designed to be used as an antibody diluent and a blocking reagent to stabilize diluted antibody solutions and diminish background due to non-specific binding in immunohistochemical applications. This product contains no animal-derived proteins and can be used as an alternative to sera, BSA, casein or non-fat dry milk in situations where these or other traditional blocking agents are not effective. It is especially convenient in multiplex IHC (multiple antigen labeling) applications where antibodies from several different species are used.
Special offer: Kr. 1 615,-

VectaCell reagents for live cellular imaging
Whereas immunofluorescence staining gives a snapshot of a cell or tissue, live cell imaging allows the observation of biological processes in a window of time. This is important for studying biological function and understanding effects of biomolecules, e.g. drugs, on these processes over time. VectaCell reagents enable and enhance live cell imaging studies. VectaCell Trolox Antifade Reagent reduces phototoxicity and photobleaching of reagents to increase cell viability and prolong signal. VectaCell Acridine Orange and VectaCell Rhodamine 123 reagents offer convenience and ease of use for visualizing different cellular components in live cells.
#CB-1000: VectaCell® Trolox, 2 ml  Kr. 1 454,-
#CB-2000: VectaCell Acridine Orange, 2 ml  Kr. 1 283,-
#CB-2100: VectaCell Rhodamine 123, 10 ml  Kr. 1 625,-

The offers are listed excl. VAT and shipping charges, and are valid until 31.12.2017. Promotional code #NL-3/17 must be referenced when ordering to recieve the special prices.


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