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Test your protein or product for endotoxin

Test your protein or product for endotoxin

Endpoint chromogenic LAL assays from Lonza

The QCL-1000™ Assay is a fast, quantitative, endpoint assay for the detection of Gram negative bacterial endotoxin. Samples are mixed with the LAL reagent and chromogenic substrate reagent over a short incubation period (16 minutes), and read on any spectrophotometer for plate reader which is capable of measuring 405-410 nm. The QCL-1000™. Assay has a sensitivity range of 0.1 EU/ml - 1.0 EU/ml. Multiple samples can be processed at one time in a 96-well format resulting in time savings in a busy laboratory. Product Size Promo price
50-647U QCL-1000 chromogenic LAL 120 tests 6 599,-
50-648U QCL-1000 chromogenic LAL 300 tests

11 127,-

The prices are listed excl. VAT and shipping charges. Promotional code #NL-2/17 must be referenced when ordering to recieve the special prices.


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