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Vacusip aspiration system

Vacusip aspiration system from Integra

VACUSIP provides an out-of-the-box solution for a wide array of liquid waste disposal tasks. It features a reliable and silent pump, enabling it to operate independently from an external vacuum source. The rechargeable battery version provides even more flexibility. A unique hand operator allows for a fine regulation of the liquid flow and can be connected to various adapters.

Cat. no.  Product Promo price
159000 VACUSIP
Aspiration system with borosilicate bottle, silicone hand operator (incl. 1- and 8-channel stainless steel tips and 1-channel adapter for standard tips/GRIPTIPS), 1.2 m silicone tubing, filter, mains adapter. With rechargeable battery
5 292,-
159010 VACUSIP without battery 4 815,-
The prices are listed excl. VAT, environmental and shipping charges and are valid until 30.06.2018. Promotional code #NL-2/18 must be referenced when ordering to recieve the special prices.


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