Frokostseminar: Western blotting, 23 okt. 2019, Oslo

Dato: 23. oktober, 2019
Tid: 8.30 - 9.45
Sted: BioNordika, Gladengveien 3B, 4 etg

Solutions for successful Western Blotting

Western blotting, also called immunoblotting, is a widely used and accepted technique to detect levels of protein expression in a cell or tissue extract. The precise binding that occurs between an antibody and its target protein
epitope allows detection of highly specific amino acid sequences within a protein.
During this talk, we will highlight the critical steps in the western blot protocol and demonstrate how protocol changes can affect the final outcome of your blot. We’ll also provide recommendations on reagents and procedures based on our extensive experience with western blotting as part of our validation, lot testing, and technical support process. We will also discuss the importance of using a well-validated antibody in your western blot experiments.

Federica Cioffi, PhD, Field Application Scientist, Cell Signaling Technology

Seminaret er gratis, inkluderer enkel frokostservering, og det vil bli holdt på engelsk.

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Frokostseminar: Western blotting, 23 okt. 2019, Oslo