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New budget-friendly multi-mode reader from BioTek

New budget-friendly multi-mode reader from BioTek

Synergy™ LX Multi-Mode Microplate Reader from BioTek economically automates many common microplate assays. Its large touchscreen user interface and onboard software simplify programming and operation for microplate and micro-volume assays. The high quality optic design ensures excellent data in absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence detection modes, enabling many common assays including nucleic acid and protein quantification, ELISA, BCA, Bradford and cell viability. Immediate data display, plus output to a USB flash drive, printer or Gen5™ Software makes the Synergy LX a versatile assay workstation. The upgradable design allows your lab to buy what is needed today and add other detection modes in the future.

  • Easy to use
  • Runs most common assays
  • Excellent performance
  • Budget-friendly

Prices from only Kr. 99 000,-

The offer is listed excl. VAT, shipping and environmental charges and is valid until 30.09.2018 . Contact our product manager Joachim at for more information and an offer. 

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