eCHO Medium - Maximize your protein production

Maximize your protein production

eCHO medium from Lonza is designed to maximize protein integrity, positively affected by low levels of lactate and late-stage viability. With over 40 years of expertise in media development, Lonza is proud to introduce eCHO Basal Medium and Feed. The serum-free, chemically defined, hydrolysate-free and non-animal origin (NAO) eCHO Medium optimizes your cell proliferation and protein production.

eCHO Medium

Improved productivity:
Consistent titer levels of 3.0 g/L using a qualified clone within 14 culture days in a fed batch culture.

Ease of use:
One part liquid and one part feed in both powder and liquid formats

Liquid products produced from (one) powder.

Product Quality:
High viability to end of cell culture in addition to low lactate levels, securing protein integrity and posttranslational modification.

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