LC/MS from Shimadzu


The LCMS-9030 (picture) uses newly patented technologies to deliver both high resolution and accurate mass, attributes essential for confident formula assignment and unknown identification.

• Greater accuracy
• Better sensitivity
• Higher resolution

Download the brochure for LCMS-9030.

Shimadzu Mikros

The Nexera Mikros can be used to detect target components with higher sensitivity than with semi-micro flowrate compatible LCMS systems, which perform measurements within a flowrate range of 100 μL/min to 500 μL/min.

Nexera Mikros improves operability, and at the same time, enables high-sensitivity analysis with smaller system capacity. This is due to the UF-Link, which enables one-touch connection and disconnection between the LCMS ionization interface and the analytical columns.

Download the brochure for Nexera Mikros.

LC/MS from Shimadzu