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Purchase any primary antibody from Rockland, and get a secondary antibody* free!

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For over 58 years, Rockland has produced and manufactured antibodies and reagents in our USA-based facilities. Their products go through rigorous quality-control testing and multi-assay validation for consistent performance, with thousands of products in stock and ready to ship to your lab today.

The offer is valid until 30.09.2021. Promotional code #DIST-2021Q3BOGO must be referenced when ordering to receive the offer. 

Pipetboy acu 2

Check out the nice summer color collection! 
A range of colors to brighten up any season.

Hundreds of thousands have been purchased worldwide during the more than four decades they have been available, confirming the Pipetboy as the most popular pipette filler in laboratories everywhere. 

The Pipetboy acu 2 is a worthy member of the family, with its lightweight, ergonomic design, protecting your wrists and shoulders every day. The lithiumion battery is always ready to run the Acu 2’s powerful motor, ensuring fast filling and emptying of the pipettes.

Pipetboy acu 2

We have Pipetboy Acu 2 ready to ship from stock in Oslo, and while supplies last we offer them at a very special price. If you need to get more Pipetboys for your laboratory, now is the time!

Special price on the models in stock:

Only kr 3 750,-


Summer colors:
155022  PIPETBOY acu 2 agave (small stock)
155023  PIPETBOY acu 2 ocean dream
155024 PIPETBOY acu 2 pink sunrise (small stock)

Do you prefer the classic colors: 

Classic colors:
155000   PIPETBOY acu 2 classic (small stock)
155015 PIPETBOY acu 2 greed
155016  PIPETBOY acu 2 red (small stock)
155017  PIPETBOY acu 2 blue (small stock)
155018 PIPETBOY acu 2 transparent (small stock)
155019   PIPETBOY acu 2 purple
The offer is listed ex. VAT and shipping charges, and is valid until 30.09.2021. Promotional code #PipetboySommer must be referenced when ordering to receive the special price. 

Plate washer Inteliwasher 3D-IW8

Biosan’s ELISA range includes the Inteliwasher 3D-IW8, an 8-channel microplate washer with the same reliability and ease of use that characterises their entire 
product range. 

The washer can be used for all standard 96-well microplates regardless of well shape  - U, V or flat  - and the automated plate setup function makes it easier 
to use plates from different manufacturers. 

Fully programmable, including aspiration patterns, washing, rinsing, mixing and incubation.

Specifications Inteliwasher 3D-IW8:

  • Dispense volume 25 - 1600 µL
  • Residual well volume <2 µL
  • Washing cycles 1 - 15
  • Aspiration time 1 - 3 seconds
  • 3 wash bottles and 1 waste bottle
  • Up to 2 wash solutions per program

Kr. 30 490,-

Cat. no. BS-060102-AAI: INTELWASHER 3D-IW8
Plate washer Inteliwasher 3D-IW8
Plate washer Inteliwasher 3D-IW8

The 4 CHW Logger optional accessory connects to the washer and shows the remaining volume for each bottle as a percentage, giving a warning message if a bottle is empty or the waste full – saving both your time and your samples.

Kr. 3 990,-

Cat. no. BS-060102-AK: 4 CHW Logger optional accessory  

The offers are listed ex. VAT, environmental and shipping charges, and are valid until 30.09.2021. Promotional code #BND1-21 must be referenced when ordering to receive the special prices.