RFP antibody, preaborbed

Rabbit anti-RFP Antibody Min X Hu Ms and Rt Serum Proteins

This polyclonal anti-RFP is made to detect Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP) and its variants (mCherry, tdTomato, mBanana, mOrange, mPlum, mOrange and mStrawberry).

Applications with suggested dilutions:
• ELISA: 1:28700 - 1:48700
• IF: 1:200 - 1:2 000
• Western Blot : 1:1000 - 1:5000
• Immunohistochemistry: 1:200 - 1:2000

Kr. 4 540,-

#600-401-379: Anti-RFP (RABBIT) Antibody Min X Hu Ms and Rt Serum Proteins, 100 ug
RFP antibody, preaborbed
Picture: Immunofluorescence Microscopy of Rabbit Anti-RFP antibody. Tissue: (10X) Mouse lung tissue. Fixation: 4% PFA. Antigen retrieval: Heat. Primary antibody: Anti-RFP antibody at 1:50 for 1 h at RT. Secondary antibody: Fluorescein rabbit secondary antibody at 1:250 for 1 hr at RT. Staining: SPC+ cells are RFP positive in red.
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