Bioreactors from Biosan

Compact systems using rotating 50 mL tubes with gas permeable membrane for cultivation volumes of 3 mL and up.

Available for single tubes with OD-measurement only and in version with 8 positions – either OD-measurement only, or the plus version with OD, pH and DO measurements. Ideal for screening of clones, cultivation studies and varying optimization processes, and perfect for educational purposes.

Cat. no. Product Special offer
BS-010158-A04 RTS-1 for single tube, OD only,temperature range 25 to 70 °C (minimum ambient +5 °C) 18 000,-
BS-010160-A04 RTS-1C for single tube, OD only, temperature range 4 to 70 °C (minimum ambient -15 °C) 20 000,-
BS-010168-A01 RTS-8 with 8 positions, OD only, temperature range 15 to 60 °C 121 000,-
BS-010170-A01 RTS-8 PLUS with 8 positions, measures OD, pH and DO, temperature range 15 til 60 °C 291 000,-
The offer is listed ex. VAT, environmental and shipping charges and is valid until 31.03.2020. Promotion code # BN1-20 must be referenced when ordering to receive the special price.