Centrifuge tubes from TPP

Features of the TPP centrifuge tubes surpass ordinary tubes. They are:
• Manufactures with highest grade of raw material fulfilling requirements of USP Class VI
• White writing circle, affixed on the screw cap, for easy labeling with any writing instrument
• Caps that cannot be over-tightened
• Gas and aerosol tight cap
• Graduations all the way down to 0.1/0.5 ml

15% off

#91015: Centrifuge tube 15 ml, conical, PP, 800 qty/case
#91016: Centrifuge tube 13 ml, round, short, PP, 800 qty/case
#91017: Centrifuge tube 15 ml, round, long, PP, 800 qty/case
#91019: Centrifuge tube 13 ml, flat, PP, 800 qty/case
#91050: Centrifuge tube 50 ml, conical, PP, 360 qty/case
#91051: Centrifuge tube 50 ml, conical, self-standing, PP, 320 qty/case
#91056: Centrifuge tube 50 ml, round, PP, 360 qty/case
#91115: Centrifuge tube 15 ml, conical, PS, 800 qty/case
Centrifuge tubes
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