CO2 incubator and shaker

S-Bt Smart Biotherm - Compakt CO2-incubator

S-Bt Smart Biotherm by Biosan is a reliable 46-liter incubator, with interior in stainless steel for easy cleaning. Stable and homogenous temperature is ensured by heating elements in all six surfaces. A built-in infrared sensor provides accurate CO2 control, while a water pan maintains the humidity level. The air volume in the incubator is continuously circulated through a shielded UV-light module, decontaminating the airflow while the incubator
is in operation. Temperature, humidity, CO2-level and the status of the door, UV-lamp, fan and any error messages are continuously logged to internal memory, the incubator can also be connected to a PC for logging and data visualization. A dedicated port can be used to pass through wires for sensors or instruments placed inside the incubator.


  • Temperature range 25 to 60 °C
  • CO2-range 0 - 20%
  • Glass inner door
  • Large and easy to read screen with intuitive controls
  • Overall dimensions: BDH 500 x 560 x 550 mm
  • Internal dimensions: BDH 350 x 330 x 390 mm
CO2 incubator and shaker
CO2 incubator and shaker
Cat. no. Product Special offer

S-Bt Smart Biotherm COincubator including 3 shelves

47 999,-

CPS-20 - Shaker for COincubator

CPS-20 is a shaker designed to withstand the environment in CO2 incubators, and especially to fit in the Smart Biotherm CO2 incubator. Remote control by wire enables operation from outside the incubator.


  • 50-250 RPM
  • 20mm orbital
  • Maximum load 3 kg
  • Overall dimensions WDH 255 x 255 x 100 mm

Bundle offers:

Cat. no. Product Special offer
BIO-INTRO1 CPS20 shaker for COincubator, including
a platform of your choice
18 499,-
BIO-INTRO2 S-Bt Smart Biotherm CO2 incubator with
dedicated rack for CPS-20 shaker plus one
shelf, CPS-20 shaker for CO2 incubator and a platform of your choice
64 999,-

Choose between the following platforms - specify your choice when ordering:
• UP-12 Universal platform with silicone mat and three adjustable locking rods
• Bio PP-4 Flat platform with silicone mat
• P-12/100 Platform with clamps for 12 x shaking flask à 100 mL
• P-6/250 Platform with clamps for 6 x shaking flask à 250 mL
• P-16/88 Platform with spring rack for up to 88 x tubes with max Ø=30mm

The offers are listed excl. VAT and shipping charges, and is valid until 31.12.2021. Promotional code #BN3-21 must be referenced when ordering to receive the special prices.