Cleavage Under Target & Release Using Nuclease (CUT&RUN) is a new technology that can be used to explore protein-DNA-interactions. Current techniques used to map protein-DNA interactions have certain limitations. Cell Signaling Technology® (CST) offers a CUT&RUN assay that overcomes many of the challenges faced with other whole-genome mapping techniques.

Benefits offered by the CST CUT&RUN Assay Kit include:
• Low sample requirement - Only 100K cells needed
• Fast time to results - 1-2 days from cell to DNA
• Sequencing cost savings - Only 3-5 million high-quality reads required


• Target versatility - Generate sequencing and/or qPCR data for histones, histonemodifications, transcription factors, and cofactors
• Antibody versatility - compatible with rabbit and mouse antibodies
• Reproducible results - spike-in control DNA to normalize signal between samples
• No crosslinking artifacts - an in vivo method performed using native chromatin

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#86652: CUT&RUN assay kit
#40366: CUT&RUN pAG-MNase and Spike-In DNA

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