Dry block thermostat combi from Biosan

Combitherm from Biosan is a flexible solution for heating and cooling!

  • Two independent positions – one for heating, one for cooling
  • Replacable blocks for maximum flexibility
  • LCD-screen with setpoint and actual temperature, displaying parameters for both positions simultaneously
  • Timer function with audible signal
  • Temperature control heating position from 25 to 150 °C (minimum 5 °C above ambient)
  • Temperature control cooling position from -3 to 20 °C (minimum 23 °C below ambient, maximum 5 °C below ambient

Bundle offer: 12% off! 


Dry block thermostat combi
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Bundle deal: CH 3-150 Combitherm - 2 dry block thermostat, with two blocks of your choice

Choose two blocks from the list below:
• BS-010418-AK: B2-50 block for tubes Ø48 mm x 2, well depth 58 mm
• BS-010418-BK: B10-16 block for tubes Ø16 mm x 10, well depth 56 mm
• BS-010418-CK: B6-25 block for tubes Ø25 mm x 6, well depth 40 mm
• BS-010418-DK: B23-1.5 block for 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes x 23, well depth 35 mm
• BS-010418-LK: B10-13 block for tubes Ø13 mm x 10, well depth 30 mm
• BS-010418-KK: B5-29 block for tubes Ø29 mm x 5, well depth 40 mm
• BS-010418-EK: B18-12 block for tubes Ø12 mm x 18, well depth 58 mm
The offer is valid until 31.12.2023. Promotional code #BNH2-23 must be referenced when ordering to receive the discount.