FlashGel™ electrophoresis system from Lonza

The FlashGel system is an electrophoresis system with precast agarose cassettes for fast separation of DNA and RNA. The system separates DNA in 2-7 minutes, and you can monitor the gel run directly at the bench without the need of external UV light. The highly sensitive system allows a 5-20X reduction in DNA levels - saving both time and money. FlashGel Cassettes contain precast, prestained agarose gels and buffer - no need for gel preparation, buffer addition or gel staining.

FlashGel™ electrophoresis system
  • 5 minutes separation and recovery, See bands in as little as 2 minutes
  • Recover samples directly without UV light band excision or purification
  • Real-time separation and documentation• Watch band migration as it happens
  • Photograph gels at the bench without DNA damaging UV light
  • Outstanding sensitivity and resolution

Kr. 26 000,-

#57062: FlashGel Device Pack
*The FlashGel Device Pack contains a FlashGel Dock, a FlashGel Camera and FlashGel Power Supply. 

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