LMC-56 tabletop centrifuge from Biosan

  • LMC-56 is a flexible low-speed centrifuge
  • Rotors available for 1.5/2 ml, 15 ml and 50 ml centrifuge tubes, blood collection tubes of all sizes, microplates (PCR, microtitre, and deepwell), as well as gel cards for blood typing
  • Automatic detection of rotor type
  • Maximum 6.000 RPM
  • Maximum RCF 3.160 G (sufficient for all types of blood collection tubes)
  • Digital controls
  • Timer function with sound signal
  • Imbalance sensor with autostop
  • Reinforced rotor chamber
  • Lid locks during operation
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration

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LMC-56 tabletop centrifuge

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