LunaScript Reverse Transcriptase

Choose this popular, rapid and sensitive solution for your cDNA Synthesis. It is now also available in a primer-free Master Mix version (#E3025). Experience high-performance with this in silico designed and thermostable Reverse Transcriptase.

LunaScript Reverse Transcriptase

Advantages for both types of LunaScript Reverse Transcriptase:

  • Single-tube 5X master mix contains Luna Reverse Transcriptase, dNTPs, and Murine RNase Inhibitor
  • Primer-free format enables user flexibility for choice of primers for optimal cDNA synthesis
  • Complete first strand cDNA synthesis protocol in less than 15 minutes
  • Eliminate pipetting errors with non-interfering, visible tracking dye
  • Includes No-RT Control Mix for increased confidence

LunaScript RT SuperMix Kit (#E3010) comes as a two-step RT-qPCR workflow.

  • Contains Luna Reverse Transcriptase, random hexamer and oligo-d(T) primers, dNTPs and Murine RNase Inhibitor
  • Combine with Luna qPCR master mixes for robust RT-qPCR results
  • A comprehensive evaluation of commercially available qPCR and RT-qPCR reagents demonstrates superior  performance of Luna products
  • Illuminate your two-step RT-qPCR with consistent linearity, sensitivity, and capacity for reliable RNA quantification
Cat. no. Product Size Special offer
E3010S LunaScript RT SuperMix Kit 25 reactions 1 465,-
E3010L LunaScript RT SuperMix Kit 100 reactions 4 921,-

The Primer-free version (NEB #E3025) features an optimized 5X master mix. The cDNA product generated can be used in
a variety of downstream applications including full-length cDNA analysis with cDNA products up to 9 kb.

  • Containing all the necessary components for first strand cDNA synthesis (Luna® Reverse Transcriptase, dNTPs, and Murine RNase Inhibitor)
  • Master mix is compatible with random primers, oligo d(T) primers, and gene-specific primers, thus enabling maximum cDNA synthesis flexibility
  • Can be used for first strand cDNA synthesis, two-step RT-qPCR, two-step RT-PCR, and RNA-seq workflows
  • Includes No-RT control mix for increased confidence
Cat. no. Product Size Special offer
E3025S LunaScript RT Master Mix Kit (Primer-free) 25 reactions 1 150,-
E3025L LunaScript RT Master Mix Kit (Primer-free) 100 reactions 4 101,-
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