Magnetic racks

We offer a wide range of magnetic racks to support your different needs. 

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S1506_fig1.jpg S1509.jpg New_England_Biolabs_NEB_S1511S_RACK_MAGNET_96W_MICROTTR_PLATE_standard_6786557.jpeg MagSorb-16.jpg S1515.jpg
6-tube magnetic
separation rack
12-tube magnetic
separation rack
96-well microtiter
plate magnetic
separation rack
MagSorb-16 magnetic
NEBNext® magnetic
separation rack
#S1506S  #S1509S #S1511S #BS-010601 #S1515S
•  Featuring powerful
magnets: Neodymium
rare earth permanent

• Capacity:
6 x 1.5 ml tubes
• Featuring powerful
magnets: Neodymium
rare earth permanent

• Capacity:
12 x 1.5 ml tubes
• Work with flat-
bottoms 96-well
microplates that have
high-flanged 100 μl
to 300 μl

• Comes with 24 side-
pull magnetic pins
that attract magnetic
beads from the solu-
tion to the side walls
of four adjacent wells
• Rack with 16 positions
for tubes 1.5 - 2 ml,
type Eppendorf or

• Includes rack with
magnet and separate
tube holders
• Anodized aluminum
rack and Neodymium
Iron Boron (NdFeB)
rare earth magnets,
which are among the
most powerful com-
mercially available

• Holds up to 24
tubes, incl. 8- and
12-strip 0.2 ml PCR
tubes, and individual
0.2 ml PCR tubes
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