Multi-vortex from Biosan

Sometimes it is not practical to vortex single tubes, or the tubes are required to remain on the vortex for a longer period of time.

Choose between two different vortexers with different size and power:

V-32 Multi-Vortex
Max 70 grams. Supplied with cup for 1 tube up to 50 mL and a platform for 32 tubes (16 x 1.5 mL, 8 x 0.5 mL and 8 x 0.2 mL)  
Kr. 2 220,-


MSV-3500 Multi-Speed Vortex
Max 200 grams. Supplied with 4 different platforms for tubes in a variety of sizes from 8 x 0.2 mL to 4 x 50 mL
Kr. 3 800,-

The offer is listed excl. VAT, environmental and shipping charges, and is valid until 31.03.2020. Promotional code #BN1-20 must be referenced when ordering to receive the special prices.