NanoDrop One

NanoDrop One

NanoDrop Microvolum Spectrophotometer, now in the third generation, is a standalone instrument with integrated computer and touch screen, complete with full spectrum analysis software.

Includes the new Acclaro technology, which uses the pedestal camera and algorithms to analyze the quality of the sample and identify potential contaminants. The software also has a easy-navigated knowledge center and includes completed protocols for a wide range of methods.

The instrument does not need PC to be used, but can be easily connected with cable or WiFi for backup, data sharing and data analysis in free available software (compatible with Windows 7 PRO and 10 PRO).

Only kr. 95 500,-

The offer is listed excl. VAT, environmental and shipping charges, and is valid until 31.12.2018. Promo code #JUL18BN must be referenced when ordering to receive the special price.