Nucleic acid extraction kits from Lybe Scientific

We started to collaborate with Lybe Scientific in 2022. Lybe Scientific is a Norwegian start-up company that was established during the corona pandemic.

Their NAxtra™ nucleic acid extraction kits are based on magnetic beads and was the preferred product for isolating RNA and DNA in connection with Covid-19 diagnostics in Norway.

Nucleic acid extraction kits
  • NAxtra™ nucleic acid extraction kit (CE-IVD)
    RNA and DNA extraction from human nasopharyngeal and/or oropharyngeal swab samples, saliva, urine or vaginal swab samples. This CE-IVD marked kits from Lybe Scientific offer efficient and sensitive isolation of RNA and DNA from pathogens in clinical samples. The protocol can be implemented on most open automation platforms such as King Fisher Flex, Biomek i7 and Tecan Fluent 1080, and can be done in less than 15 minutes
  • NAxtra™ cells total nucleic acid extraction kit (RUO)
    RNA and DNA extraction from various cells types including mammalian primary cells, cell lines and bacteria.
  • NAxtra™ blood total nucleic acid extraction kit (RUO)
    Total nucleic acid extraction from whole blood samples.

The kits are available in packages from 48 reactions to 5000 reactions. If you wish to make your extraction process more efficient, BioNordika and Lybe Scientific are ready to help, and are happy to discuss challenges around extraction and sample processing with you.

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