Nucleofector™ systems and kit for transfection

Nucleofector™ systems and kit for transfection

The Nucleofector™ systems from Lonza is transfection systems that provide unique electrical parameters to the cells. The electrical settings are pre-programmed for each cell type to ensure proper and optimal conditions for that particular cell type.
Nucleofection ™ is a technology that is based on the formation of small pores in cell membranes by an electrical pulse. The Nucleofector™ programs and the cell type-specific solutions used allow the nucleic acid substrate to be delivered not only to the cytoplasm but also to the nucleus through the core membrane. You can experience transfection efficiencies up to 99%.

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The Nucleofector kits contains a specific Nucleofector™ solution, a supplement, special cuvettes, pipettes, and a pmaxGFP™ control vector. All of the Nucleofector™ solutions provide a protective environment for the cells resulting in high transfection efficiency and cell viability. A wide variety of cell type-specific Nucleofector™ kits with optimized protocols are available. Everything to give you the best results with your cells.

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