pA-TN5 transposase

pA-Tn5 transposase is a fusion protein of hyperactive Tn5 transposase and protein A developed for the CUT&Tag assay. For convenience, the fusion protein is pre-loaded with sequencing adapters.

  • High enrichment and specificity of the signal around the transcription start site
  • No contamination with E. coli DNA
  • Flexible versions: loaded or unloaded and excellent for CUT&Tag assays

As it is crucial to target only the protein of interest, a highly specific antibody is critical for the success of the CUT&Tag assay. All Diagenode ChIP-seq grade antibodies are validated for specificity using strict validation criteria.

pA-TN5 transposase

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Cat. no. Product Sizes
C01070001-15 pA-TN5 Transposase - loaded 15 μl
C01070001-30  pA-TN5 Transposase - loaded 30 μl
C01070002-10 pA-TN5 Transposase - unloaded 10 μl
C01070002-30 pA-TN5 Transposase - unloaded 30 μl
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