Tagmentase and pA-Tn5 Transposase

Tagmentase is a hyperactive transposase with the ability to cut DNA and insert sequences of interest into any target DNA in one step. Not loaded with DNA oligos for flexibility. Tagmentase Dillution Buffer is available separately as different applications may require different Tagmentase concentration.​

pA-Tn5 Transposase is a fusion protein of hyperactive Tn5 transposase and protein A developed for the CUT&Tag assay. For flexibility, the fusion protein is not pre-loaded with sequencing adapters.
• High quality - excellent performance, no contamination with E. coli DNA
• Flexible versions: loaded or unloaded
• Excellent for CUT&Tag and similar assays

As it is crucial to target only the protein of interest, a highly specific antibody is critical for the success of the CUT&Tag assay. All Diagenode ChIP-seq grade antibodies are validated for specificity using strict validation criteria to assure high performance in CUT&Tag.

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Cat. no.  Product Offer
C01070010-10 Tagmentase (Tn5 Transposase)​, 10 µl 3 500,-
C01070010-10​ Tagmentase (Tn5 Transposase)​, 20 µl 5 917,-
C01070011​​​​​​​​ Tagmentase Dilution Buffer, 200 µl 604,-
C01070001-15 pA-TN5 Transposase - loaded, 15 μl 10 868,-
C01070001-30 pA-TN5 Transposase - loaded, 30 μl 19 320,-
C01070002-10 pA-TN5 Transposase - unloaded, 10 μl 10 868,-
C01070002-30 pA-TN5 Transposase - unloaded, 30 μl 19 320,-
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