Pipetboy acu 2 fra Integra

Hundreds of thousands have been purchased worldwide during the more than four decades they have been available, confirming the Pipetboy as the most popular pipette filler in laboratories everywhere. 

The Pipetboy acu 2 is lightweighted, has ergonomic design, and protects your wrists and shoulders every day. The lithiumion battery is always ready to run the Acu 2’s powerful motor, ensuring fast filling and emptying of the pipettes.

Pipetboy acu 2

We have several Pipetboy acu 2 ready to ship from stock in Oslo.

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Cat. no. Product
155 015 PIPETBOY acu 2, green
155 016 PIPETBOY acu 2, red
155 017 PIPETBOY acu 2, blue
155 018 PIPETBOY acu 2, transparent
155 019 PIPETBOY acu 2, purple
155 022 PIPETBOY acu 2, agave
155 023 PIPETBOY acu 2, ocean dream
155 024 PIPETBOY acu 2, pink sunrise
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