Quick Coomassie Stain

Quick Coomassie Stain is a new revolution in rapid 1-step Coomassie staining. It is a convenient product as you simply pour it onto he gel immediately after the electrophoresis without any further preparations, as fixing, pre-washing or de-staining is not required. Watch as sharp protein bands appear in minutes. With Quick Coomassie Stain there is no need to sacrifice either quality, speed or cost for your next protein staining. This transparent blue stain offers it all in addition to high performance with up to 50 times more sensitivity than other rapid and traditional stains.

Quick Coomassie Stain
  • Accurate protein quantification, low background staining, linear staining range
  • Sharp protein bands
  • Resolving 5 -25 ng bands
  • 15 minutes rapid staining
  • No fixing, pre-washing or de-staining required
  • Mass spectrometry compatible, non-toxic, and easy disposal
  • No organic solvents, phosphoric acid, or cloudy precipitants
  • 18 months shelf life at 2 - 25 °C. Re-usable up to 3 times
Cat. no. Product Size Special offer
GEN-QC-Stain-30ml Quick Coomassie Stain 30 ml 140,-
GEN-QC-Stain-1L Quick Coomassie Stain 1 L 1 242,-
GEN-QC-Stain-3L Quick Coomassie Stain 3 L 3 600,-
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