Bioruptor® Pico sonication device

The Bioruptor Pico from Diagnode is an all-in-one shearing system capable of shearing samples from 150 bp to 1 kb. Sample volume is flexible from 10 ml – 2 ml. The system provides fast and parallel processing of up to 16 samples simultaneously. It also comes with a built-in cooling system to ensure high precision temperature control. The user-friendly interface provides easy and advanced modes that give both beginners and experienced users the right level of control.

Bioruptor® Pico sonication device
  • DNA shearing for Next-Generation-Sequencing
  • Chromatin shearing
  • RNA shearing
  • Protein extraction from tissues and cells (also for mass spectrometry)
  • FFPE DNA extraction
  • Protein aggregation studies

Kr. 287 500,-

#B0108001: Bioruptor® Pico sonication device
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