TrueBlot for Western Blotting/IP/ELISA/IHC/IF

TrueBlot® reagents enable you to generate clear, best-quality data in your immunoprecipitation and western blot protocols. 

Available in several options, from IP beads, to complete kits for IP/Western Blot, ELISA, or IHC. Flourescent TrueBlot is also available in which Rockland’s Fluorescent TrueBlot® monoclonal secondary antibodies combine the power and specificity of our original HRP-conjugated TrueBlot® monoclonal secondary antibodies with the versatility of fluorescent and near-infrared (IR) dyes.

TrueBlot® Kits contain critical supporting reagents, buffers, and substrates for immunoprecipitation and western blotting.

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TrueBlot for Western Blotting/IP/ELISA/IHC/IF
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