Trypsin-Versene (EDTA) 100 ml from lonza

Trypsin/EDTA Solution, 100 mL.

Trypsin/EDTA (1X), includes 0.5g/L trypsin 1:250 and 0,2g/L Versene® (EDTA) manufactured with irradiated porcine trypsine, tested for porcine parvovirus and mycoplasma. A combined reagent used to remove adherent cells from the culture vessel surface into suspension. 
After treatment, trypsin activity can be halted by adding a serum media mixture or a trypsin neutralizing reagent for serum-free systems.

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#17-161E/12: Trypsin-Versene (EDTA), 100 mL, 12 qty.
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Trypsin-Versene (EDTA) 100 ml