Vacusip portable aspiration system

Vacusip portable aspiration system from Integra gives you convenient and affordable liquid waste disposal as it compact and ready-to-use. The system has an integrated silent vacuum pump for the aspiration of small volumes of liquids. With this aspiration system you no longer have to worry about tedious handling or the risk of contaminating your house vacuum system.

Kr. 4 750,-

#159010: Vacusip aspiration system complete with borosilicate bottle with standard lid (GL45), green lid with tube fittings, silicone hand operator (incl. 1- and 8-channel stainless steel tips and 1-channel adapter for standard tips/GRIPTIPS), silicone tubing (1.2 m and 0.22 m), filter, mains adapter. 
Vacusip aspiration system
The offer is listed excl. VAT, environmental and shipping charge, and is valid until 31.03.2020. Promotional code #BN1-20 must be referenced when ordering to receive the special price.