Our suppliers

American Biochemicals & Pharmaceuticals (abp) abp, the manufacturer behind Ristocetin, a unique product that is essential in the diagnosis of von Willebrand disease
Affymetrix-USB Products within PCR / qPCR, biochemistry, sequencing, PCR clean-up and more.
Alsac Instrument training and method development.
AnaSpec Peptide / protein labeling, recombinant enzymes and proteins, assay kit, fluorescent dyes and quenchers, Zebrafish antibodies, PCR / qPCR products, cloning, expression and analysis, etc.
anatrace More than 30 years of experience with membrane proteins and structural biology, and has a wide range of detergents and lipids, such as DDM, DM, OG, NG, LMNG and GDN. 
Applikon Biotechnology World-class supplier of advanced bioreactors / fermenters, from benchtop micro scale and autoclavable 2-20 liter systems up to 120 liter pilot scale CIP vessels.
biosan Laboratory equipment such as shakes, shakes, centrifuges, heat blocks, PCR cabinet and laboratory furniture and more.
biosera Serum for cell culturing
Blue Heron Biotechnology Offers gene synthesis - they can synthesize the novo almost any sequence cloned into a vector as your wish.
Büchi Evaporators, spray drying and encapsulation, melting point measurement, extraction, Kjeldahl and NIR
Cayman chemical Assay kits for the measurement of eicosanoids, free radical biomarkers, cyclic nucleotides, cytokines, hormones and nitrogen monoxide, plus a wide range of high quality biochemicals such as eicosanoids, nitrogen monoxide reagents and various lipids, fatty acids, enzymes and antibodies.
Cell Signaling Technology Antibodies and related products for signal transduction research, for applications such as Western blotting, IF, IHC, Flow cytometry, ChIP, Multiplex and more.
Cygnus Extensive menu of host cell protein (HCP) and DNA impurity detection solutions including ELISA kits, immunoassay reagents and custom development services.
Cytocell FISH probes - Hematology, pathology, oncology, prenatal and custom FISH probes.
Diagenode Shearing technologies, genome editing, kits for chromatin studies, DNA methylation, exosomes, protein extraction and more.
EdgeBio Reagents for purification of nucleic acids and purification before sequencing. Effective and fast products that minimize hands-on time. With eg. dye terminal remover to remove extra reagents before sequencing. Fast protocols with just two spin steps done in minutes.
ELGA Water purification systems for clinical laboratories.
Eurogentec Antibodies, peptides, oligos, gene synthesis, biopanning, dispensing services. Opportunities for GMP production for diagnostics and vaccine development.
GeneCodes Sequencher - The best software for DNA sequence analysis of Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing data.
Genscript Protein analysis, antibodies, CRISPR products, recombinant proteins, stable cell lines, PCR reagents, ORF clones and more.
Glen Research Phosphoramidites and solid systems and chemicals for chemical synthesis, modification, labeling and purification of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides.
greiner bio-one Microplates, HTS, cell culture plastics, centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, PCR plastic, protein crystallization plastics, solutions for biobanking and more.
INTEGRA Instruments and systems for media production, liquid handling, cell culture and sterilization. 
LabRobot - Dilucup Dilucups and Dilushakers replace the preparation of dilution water to microbiological samples and make serial dilution easier.
LONZA Cell culture media and reagents / supplements, primary cells, transfection systems and reagents, standard and specialty agaros, pre-cast protein parts, FlashGel system with gel cassettes and more. 
Miele Professional Professional dishwashers for laboratories, detergents and more
Molecular Dimensions Screens, reagents, consumption and instruments for crystallography. Offers a lot of innovative and newly developed screens and reagents, such as. Rubic and Durham protein stability screens, The BCS screen, MIDASplus and Crystallophore No1.

High quality centrifuges manufactured in the UK. Available from 24 x 1.5/2 mL microcentrifuge tubes to swing-out rotors for 4 x 250 mL bottles, blood collection tubes and microtiter plates, with or without refrigeration.

NanoDrop NanoDrop Microvolume Spectrophotometer for quantification of DNA, RNA and proteins in 1-2 ul sample volume. We can also offer service and support for all NanoDrop models.
New England BioLabs Restriction enzymes, polymerases, cloning, NextGen enzymes and kits, markers and ladders, competent cells, glycobiology, epigenetics, protein expression etc.
OriGene Human full-length clones, recombinant proteins, cell extracts and antibodies.
Orion Electrochemistry - pH, ISE, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO).
Polyplus transfection Innovative solutions for the delivery of nucleic acids in research, bioproduction and therapeutics.
Protein Ark Sample preparation and separation solutions of proteins through filtration, columns and resins. The most popular products are Genuine Columns HiFliQ, Proteus spin columns, Proteus X spinner for sticky specimens, as well as quick Coomassie and IPTG
Radleys Reaction and synthesis stations, hotplates with stirrers, plate carousels, heat and cooling boilers, chemical workstations, pipes, temperature controllers, vacuum pumps, condensers, recyclers and more
riboxx Validated products for gene knockdown in RNA interference (large variety of siRNA, miRNA mimics, miRNA inhibitors, including controls to all of these), and activation of immune cells by Toll-like receptor 3 ligands.
Rockland Primary and secondary antibodies, kits and reagents
sage science Instrumentation and products for targeted DNA size selection and whole-sample fractionation for DNA or protein
Shimadzu Gas and liquid chromatography (GC, LC), mass spectrometer (MS), spectrophotometers, TOC, MALDI, protein sequencer, microchip based electrophoresis system etc.
TPP Cell culturing plastics, serological pipettes, vacuum filtration, filtration and more
transOMIC shRNA screeing library, CRISPR-Cas9 reagents, gRNA and vector design, Cas9 vector design, cDNA clones, lentiviral ORF clones, lentiviral particles, yeast knockout
Vector Laboratories Reagents for immunohistochemistry / immunocyte chemistry, labeling, immunofluorescence, in situ hybridization, blotting reagents, ELISA, flow cytometry, glycobiology, etc