Cayman Chemical

Cayman Chemical is our supplier of a huge range of biochemicals, antibodies, proteins, small molecules and assay kits. Their portfolio consists of 50 000 products for use in ELISA, measuring enzyme activity, Flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, mass spectrometry and western blot. Cayman Chemical is known for high purity and high quality. Their products are used worldwide in research areas like cancer, epigenetics, neuroscience, inflammation, metabolism, cell biology, biochemistry, toxicology and many more.

Cayman Chemical

We have through several years offered Cayman Chemical products to researchers and scientists in Norway. Our dedicated team has strong experience is shipping and handling of the products, product knowledge and technical support. We have a close collaboration with The Norwegian Medicines Agency and have license to import and sell medicines for non-medical use.

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514010 Prostaglandin E2 EIA Kit - Monoclonal Learn more
501620 Citrullinated Histone H3 (Clone 11D3) ELISA Kit Learn more
520111 Leukotriene B4 ELISA Kit Learn more
501020 Thromboxane B2 ELISA Kit Learn more
582751 11-keto Testosterone ELISA Kit Learn more
515211 6-keto Prostaglandin F1α ELISA Kit Learn more
19030 Thromboxane B2 Learn more
16882 Clozapine N-oxide Learn more
13264 Platencin Learn more
600450 Glycolysis Cell-Based Assay Kit Learn more
501890 Estradiol ELISA Kit Learn more
10007848 Resolvin E1 Learn more
10010390 Protectin D1 Learn more
24618 BODIPY-Cholesterol Learn more
501620 Citrullinated Histone H3 (Clone 11D3) ELISA Kit Learn more
707002 Catalase Assay Kit Learn more
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