If you are a fan of building you cloning experiments traditionally piece by piece, we can help you by offering all the pieces in one box!

In our portfolio you will find:
• restriction enzymes (restriction endonucleases)
• vectors
• modifying enzymes
• ligases
• cloning and mutagenesis kit

Restriction enzymes

We offer restriction enzymes (restriction endonucleases) from New England Biolabs (NEB), one of the leaders in enzyme technology. NEB has over 40 years of experience of offering restriction enzymes, and they always work to develop restriction enzymes with innovative solutions and improved performance.

Many of NEB's Restriction enzymes is supplied with a CutSmart buffer. This CutSmart buffer allows for easier set up of double digestion reactions, since over 215 restriction enzymes are active in a single buffer. Furthermore CutSmart Buffer includes BSA, which results in fewer tubes and pipetting steps to worry about. Additionally, many DNA modifying enzymes are 100% active in CutSmart Buffer, eliminating the need for subsequent purification.

Restriction enzymes

• More than 285 restriction enzymes to choose from - the largest selection commercially available
• >215 restriction enzymes are 100% active in a single buffer - CutSmart™ Buffer
• >195 restriction enzymes are Time-Saver qualified; you can digest DNA in 5-15 minutes, or digest DNA safely overnight
• Choose a High-Fidelity (HF®) restriction enzyme, which has been engineered for reduced star activity, rapid digestion (5-15 minutes) and 100% activity in CutSmart Buffer. A vial of 6X Purple Loading Dye is included with most restriction enzymes
• All the restriction enzymes undergo stringent quality control testing, ensuring the highest levels of purity and lot-to-lot consistency.

This table shows some of the most common restriction endonucleases, for a complete overview please contact us, or visit NEBs website.

Kat. nr.  Produkt   Kat. nr.  Produkt
R3552S/L  AgeI-HF   R3198S/L MluI-HF
R3566S/L ApoI-HF R3193S/L NcoI-HF
R3136S/L BamHI-HF R3131S/L NheI-HF
R3539S/L BbsI-HF R3189S/L NotI-HF
R3160S/L BcII-HF R3192S/L NruI-HF
R3658S/L BmtI-HF R3127S/L NsiI-HF
R3733S/L BsaI-HF R3140S/L PstI-HF
R3553S/L BsiWI-HF R3150S/L PvuI-HF
R3575S/L BsrGI-HF R3151S/L PvuII-HF
R3162S/L BstEII-HF R3156S/L SacI-HF
R3594S/L BstZ17L-HF R3138S/L SalI-HF
R3510S/L DraIII-HF R3642S/L SbfI-HF
R3505S/L EagI-HF R3122S/L ScaI-HF
R3101S/L EcoRI-HF R3133S/L SpeI-HF
R3195S/L EcoRV-HF R3182S/L SphI-HF
R3104S/L HindIII-HF R3132S/L SspI-HF
R3142S/L KpnI-HF R3500S/L StyI-HF
R3589S/L MfeI-HF    
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Contact person: Christine Vimo

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Contact person: Christine Vimo