Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

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We offer complete solutions for:
• DNA/RNA purification
• Fragmentation and shearing
• Library preparation
• Size selection
• Library quantification
• Data analysis

DNA/RNA purification

DNA/RNA Purification is an essential step in library preparation for Next Gen Sequencing (NGS). Monarch kits from New England Biolabs (NEB) enables quick and easy purification of high-quality DNA and RNA, suitable for use in a variety of downstream applications, as library preparation for NGS. Recover your pure, intact DNA and RNA in minutes with fast, user-friendly protocols.

The Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit is an excellent choice for DNA extraction upstream of library preparation for next generation sequencing. DNA purified with this kit is high-quality and of high molecular weight (peak size > 50 kb), making it an outstanding choice for preparation of libraries for nanopore sequencing and other long read platforms.

Monarch kits available for Genomic DNA Purification, Total RNA Miniprep, RNA Cleanup, Plasmid Miniprep, DNA Gel Extraction, PCR & DNA Cleanup. See full Monarch brochure for more information and order details.

Monarch Nucleic Acid Purificaiton Technical Guide

DNA/RNA purification

DNA and RNA Shearing

One of the most critical aspects of optimal library preparation is the quality of the DNA to be sequenced. The DNA must first be effectively and consistently sheared into the appropriate fragment size (depending on the sequencing platform) to enable sensitive and reliable NGS results. The Bioruptor® Pico provide superior sample yields, fragment size, and consistency, which are essential for Next-Generation Sequencing workflows.

• All-in-one shearing solution: fully-validated tubes and kits available•
• Simultaneous sonication of 6-16 samples
• Small, light, and easy to use
• Temperature-controlled

Ideal for: 
• DNA shearing for Next-Generation-Sequencing (5 - 100 µl)
• Chromatin shearing (10 µl - 2 ml)
• RNA shearing
• Protein extraction from tissues and cells
• FFPE DNA extraction

Bioruptor Sonicator Brochure

DNA and RNA Shearing

Library Preparation

The Next Generation Sequencing workflow needs a high-quality library preparation system to successfully generate high-quality data. As input quantities and sample quality decreases, the need for high performance sample preparation reagents is increasing. Library preparation protocols where yields and quality are not compromised by the faster and easier protocols are desired.

NEBNext reagents from New England Biolabs (NEB) are available for library preparation for Illumina®, Ion Torrent™ and Oxford Nanopore Sequencing platforms. Products are delivered in user-friendly formats including kits and modules, with bulk and customized formats also available. Adaptors and primers are available separately.

• DNA Library Prep - NEBNext DNA library prep kits utilize fast, streamlined workflows and novel reagents that have been designed for performance. Sample prep kits are available for a broad range of input amounts, from pg to μg of DNA.

• FFPE DNA - NEBNext offers two options to addresses the challenges of FFPE DNA: repair of DNA damage caused by FFPE treatment and high-efficiency library prep.

• ChIP-Seq Library Prep - The low input amounts typical of ChIP-Seq library prep are compatible with NEBNext high-efficiency, streamlined workflows.

• RNA Library Prep – NEBNext products are available for directional and non-directional RNA library prep with novel reagents and streamlined workflows, designed for high quality library generation even from low nanogram quantities of RNA. High-performance rRNA depletion and mRNA

• Microbiome DNA Enrichment – NEBNext products enable separation of microbiome DNA from contaminating host DNA, as well as DNA library preparation from low input amounts

• Library Quantitation – The NEBNext qPCR-based Library Quant Kit enables accurate and reproducible quantitation of Illumina libraries, with a user-friendly workflow

Brochure: NEBNext for Illumina - NGS Sample Preparation

Diagenode provides a complete portfolio of library preparation kits for Next-Generation Sequencing, covering RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and DNA sequencing.  The kits can be used for low inputs, from as little as 10 pg of starting material. Their kits offer simple and fast workflows, high yields, and ready-to-sequence DNA. their solutions incorporate user-friendly protocols that even beginners can easily master upon the first use.

• RNA Library Prep - CATS RNA-seq Library Preparation Kits is Diagenode’s new RNA-sequencing solution wich utilizes the innovative “Capture and Amplification by Tailing and Switching” (CATS), a ligation-free method to produce DNA libraries for next generation sequencing from low input amounts of RNA. 

DNA and ChIP-seq library prep - ChIP-seq and DNA sequencing library preparation solutions and kits have been optimized for DNA library preparation used for next generation sequencing for a wide range of inputs. Using a simple three-step protocols, Diagenode`s kits are an optimal choice for library preparation from DNA inputs down to 50 pg.

All Diagenode Library preparation kits

Library Preparation

Target Enrichment

Target enrichment methods selectively isolate specific genomic regions of interest prior to next generation sequencing and are ideal for the discovery and identification of nucleic acid variants with high sensitivity for translational research.

NEBNext Direct® is a novel, hybridization-based capture method offering significant advantages over traditional in-solution hybridization and multiplex PCR protocols. The NEBNext Direct libraries include unique molecular identifiers (UMI) and a sample barcode. Sequence-ready libraries are generated within one day and the procedure is compatible with automation.

The NEBNext Direct product line for Target Enrichment includes:
• NEBNext Direct® BRCA1/BRCA2 Panel 
• NEBNext Direct® Cancer HotSpot Panel
• NEBNext Direct® Custom Ready Panels

Target Enrichment

Size Selection

The Pippin-family facilitates library construction for the most popular NGS platforms, and is recommended by Illumina, Ion Torrent and Oxford Nanopore for certain workflows. The platform features the ability to collect narrow and even fragment distributions, as well as the flexibility to collect wide ranges of fragments with minimal effort. Target sizes or ranges of sizes are entered in software, and fractions are collected in buffer with no possibility of cross contamination.

Pippin’s disposable gel cassettes are precast with agarose. DNA separates along a gel column until the programmed fragment range reaches the branch point. The instrument then switches the active electrode to divert DNA into a membrane-bound buffer chamber. When the size range is collected, the active electrode is switched back to the separation channel. The desired sample are removed with a standard pipette by eluting it directly from the elution chamber.

DNA sizing is available with the Pippin Prep (for fragments from 100 bp to 1.5 Kb) and with the BluePippin (a pulsed-field version for fragments from 100 bp to 50 Kb). Also available as High Throughout - PippinHT

Brochure Pippin Family

Size Selection

Sequencher DNA/RNA Sequence Analysis Software

Sequencher brings some of the best peer-reviewed NGS algorithms out of the command line and into your hands. Beginners can start aligning their NGS data immediately while advanced users still have access to each command line input via an easy to understand interface. Perform SNP analyses, align methylated data, and perform de novo assemblies or reference-guided alignments.

Sequencher's latest NGS functionality includes RNA-Seq data analysis with the addition of the Cufflinks suite. Use your NGS data to explore differential gene expression with multiple graphs to display your results.


Sequencher DNA/RNA Sequence Analysis Software