BioNordika Service

As a supplier of equipment and instruments for the laboratory industry, we know how important it is that everything work optimally. In order for the instrument to provide accurate and reliable results, one of the most important factors is maintenance. We follow the supplier's instructions when carrying out such maintenance.

Most of our customers currently have a periodic inspection agreement and these agreements can be customized depending on how frequent the equipment/instruments are used. After completion of service assignments, you will receive a service report including the condition of the equipment/instrument, what work that has been performed, any parts that has been changed and also suggestions if something should be corrected.

In addition to periodic maintenance, we also perform installation, repair, calibration and technical assistance either at our workshop, at our supplier, or at the customer. 

Do you need to submit the instrument for repair, please complete this form: Service Order Form
Do you need a service, or want to sign up for a periodic service agreement, please send us and e-mail:
Or contact us by phone: 23 03 58 00