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NanoDrop One/OneC

The NanoDrop One/OneC spectrophotometer is a compact UV-visible spectrophotometer designed for measuring highly concentrated samples without dilution. Featuring a glove-compatible touchscreen, it provides quick access to preloaded software applications for rapid purity and concentration assessments. The built-in Acclaro Sample Intelligence technology identifies and corrects contaminants, enhancing measurement accuracy. Overall, it's an efficient and user-friendly tool for scientists in various fields.

NanoDrop One/OneC Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is a standalone spectrophotometer with built-in touch screen.

NanoDrop One/OneC is used to measure the concentration and purity of DNA, RNA and protein samples calculated by Beer`s law (A = ε*l*c). It gives accurate measurements for concentrated samples with no need for dilutions, and requires only 1-2 ul sample volume. There is also no need of other consumables other than pipette, water and laboratory wipes.

This is your innovative alternative to the NanoDrop 2000/2000c and NanoDrop 1000 spectrophotometers​. Compare older NanoDrop versions to NanoDrop One/OneC in this Comparison chart



  • Built in touch-screen compatible with gloves. No need to be connected to external computer
  • Data is easily transferred to USD, through WiFi or with a direct connection to a PC
  • Auto-measurement starts measuring sample as soon as the pedestal arm is closed
  • Dynamic range 2,0 - 27500 ng/µL dsDNA and 0,06 - 820 mg/mL BSA
  • 1-2 ul sample volume is required
  • NanoDrop OneC comes with a cuvette port in addition to the microvolume pedestal, for measurements of high volume samples, diluted samples, bacterial cultures or kinetics assays
  • Calculated the sample purity A260/A280 and A260/A230 nm
  • Preprogrammed applications for dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, Protein A280, Microarray, Protein & Labels, Pierce 660, Bradford, BCA and Lowry with more
  • Very userfriendly interface
  • Optional software is available for free download to PC, for use to further analysis of data
  • Integrated learning center with information on the technology, applications, technical support, maintenance and more
  • Easy and low maintenance level
  • Acclaro Technology for better understanding of sample quality

Acclaro Sample Intelligence Technology

  • Gives information about sample quality and alerts when qualify is outside preferred range
  • Detect contaminants like DNA in RNA sample, RNA in DNA sample, protein, phenols, guadinin-HCl. Alerts and corrects the concentration
  • Build in sensor and image-analysis to secure integrity of samples
  • Alerts for purity ratio, contaminants, bubbles or broken column
  • On site learning center for technical support, information about the technology, applications and maintenance
  • Read more in the Acclaro FAQ
Cat. no.DescriptionBrochureUser manualSoftware download
ND-One-WNanoDrop OneDownloadDownloadLink
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