Extra wide PCR workstation

PCR workstations by Biosan provide a clean, well-lit work area for handling PCR reagents and samples. The air volume of the cabinet is recycled 100 times per hour through a closed module with filters and a UV source powerful enough to inactivate DNA and RNA, ensuring aseptic conditions. The cabinets have a very low noise level and power requirements.

The UVT-S-AR is an extra-wide model for additional workspace, with a working area of 121 x 50 cm (vs. regular sized cabinet ca. 65 cm wide). Stainless steel is used for the work surface and rear wall, while glass is used in the front and sides  - making cleaning easier. Glass sides make the cabinet feel roomier when in use, for a more pleasant user experience.

Includes a UV-light with a digital timer for decontamination of the work area when the workstation is not in use. A cover with a safety switch protects users from accidental UV exposure during decontamination. Cables for equipment inside the cabinet can be run through a dedicated opening, the UVT-S-AR also includes three built-in power sockets.

Kr. 37 599,-

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DNA/RNA UV-Cleaner Box with built-in sockets
37 599,-

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