FlashGel electrophoresis system and products

Say goodbye to gel preparation!

The FlashGel system gives you complete separation and secure documentation, on the bench, in minutes! Gels for direct recovery are also available - then you avoid the use of UV light, cutting out bands and spending time purifying.

  • 5 min separation - see the bands already after 2 minutes
  • Real-time separation and documentation - watch the bands migrate while the gel runs
  • Excellent sensitivity and resolution
  • You can photograph the gels on the bench without damaging the DNA from UV light

20% off on all FlashGel equipment

The offer is valid until 30.09.2024. When ordering through other channels, please refer to promo code #BNQ3-24 to receive the offer.

FlashGel equipments:

Cat. no.ProductContentSpecial offer
LZ-57067FlashGel System FlashGel dock, camera, 9 pk DNA cassettes (1,2% 12+1 well), Loading Dye and DNA Marker23 400,-
LZ-57062FlashGel Device PackFlashGel Dock, FlashGel Camera and FlashGel Power Supply27 128,-
LZ-57026FlashGel DNA starter kitFlashGel Dock, 9 pk 1.2% FlashGel™ DNA Cassettes, FlashGel™ Loading Dye (5X) and FlashGel DNA Marker10 808,-
LZ-57025FlashGel DockFlashGel dock8704,-
LZ-57068FlashGel Power SupplyFlashGel Power Supply7984,-
LZ-57069FlashGel Power Supply PackFlashGel Power Supply and FlashGel Dock15 712,-
LZ-57040FlashGel CameraFlashGel Camera11 544,-
LZ-57061FlashGel Visualization GlassesFlashGel Visualization Glasses600,-

Purchase 2 packs of gels and get 10% off!

The offer is valid until 30.09.2024. When ordering through other channels, please refer to promo code #BNQ3-24 to receive the offer.

Gel packs:

Cat. no.ProductSeparationContent
LZ-57023FlashGel DNA cassettes 1.2%, 12+1 well, single tier 50 bp - 4 kb (up to 10 kb with lower voltage/longer run)9 pack
LZ-57029FlashGel DNA Cassettes, 1.2% 16+1 well double-tier50 bp - 4 kb9 pack
LZ-57031FlashGel DNA Cassettes, 2.2% 12+1 well single-tier10 bp - 1 kb9 pack
LZ-57032FlashGel DNA cassettes 2.2%, 16+1 well, double tier 10 bp - 1 kb9 pack
LZ-57027FlashGel RNA cassettes, 1.2%, 12+1 well, single tier0.5 kb - 9 kb9 pack
LZ-57028FlashGel RNA cassettes, 1.2% 16+1 well double-tier0.5 kb - 9 kb9 pack
LZ-57051FlashGel DNA Recovery cassettes, 1.2%, 8+1 double tier 50 bp - 4 kb9 pack
LZ-57022FlashGel Recovery Cassettes, 2.2% 8+1 well double-tier10 bp - 1 kb9 pack

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Vibeke Birkeland

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Vibeke Birkeland