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I tillegg til ferdiggeler av forskjellige typer og til forskjellige system, har vi fargeløsninger, stiger og buffere som du trenger når du kjører proteinelektroforese.

Proteinelektroforese fra Lonza

Proteinelektroforese fra Lonza

Protein electrophoresis is a key part of your discovery process, and Lonza has the precast gels, stains and buffers you need.

Recently, Lonza introduced their novel PAGEr™ EX ProSieve™ EX products for fast protein electrophoresis and staining or rapid tank transfer for western blotting. Combined they take standard protein methods from over 5 hours down to less than 1 hour:

  • 20-25 minute separation with PAGEr™ EX Polyacrylamide Precast Gels and ProSieve™ EX Running Buffer.
  • 10 minute transfer/Western blot using ProSieve™ EX Western Blot Transfer Buffer
  • 10 minute staining using ProSieve™ EX Safe Stain
  • All PAGEr™ EX gels have a 1 year shelf life

Lonza also offers traditional protein electrophoresis products like Laemmli Tris-Glycine gels for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) along with high quality prepared Tris-Glycine buffer for separation of native proteins and Tris-Glycine-SDS buffer for denatured proteins (SDS PAGE).

All precast protein gels are available in sizes that fit most chambers. They have a variety of concentrations and well formats to meet the needs for various protein electrophoresis applications. Every lot of PAGEr™ Precast gels is functionally tested and 100% guaranteed.

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