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DNA/RNA Size Selection: Pippin

DNA/RNA Size Selection: Pippin

The Pippin-family facilitates library construction for the most popular NGS platforms, and is recommended by Illumina and Ion Torrent for certain workflows. The platform features the ability to collect narrow and even fragment distributions, as well as the flexibility to collect wide ranges of fragments with minimal effort. Target sizes or ranges of sizes are entered in software, and fractions are collected in buffer with no possibility of cross contamination.

Pippin’s disposable gel cassettes are precast with agarose. DNA sizing is determined by the detection of markers in a dedicated lane or internally in the sample lane and using those to select and collect the desired fragments based on user-input values. Each sample lane is physically separate to eliminate the possibility of sample cross-contamination and features a branched configuration with three electrodes. DNA separates along a gel column until the programmed fragment range reaches the branch point. The instrument then switches the active electrode to divert DNA into a membrane-bound buffer chamber. When the size range is collected, the active electrode is switched back to the separation channel. The desired sample are removed with a standard pipette.

DNA sizing is available with the
Pippin Prep (for fragments from 90 bp to 1.5 Kb) and with the BluePippin (a pulsed-field version for fragments from 50 bp to 50 Kb). Also available as High Throughout - PippinHT


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