Restriction enzymes

Join us in celebrating 50 years of unparalleled expertise in restriction enzymes with New England Biolabs (NEB). With 50 years of experience, NEB has established itself as the leader in enzyme technology, boasting the largest selection of restriction enzymes commercially available. In honor of this milestone, we are excited to offer a special promotion: “Get 3 for the price of 2!”

Get 3 restriction enzymes for the price of 2!

Buy 3 restriction enzymes, pay for 2 - get the cheapest one free.

The offer is valid until 30.06.2024.
Promotional code #BNQ2-24 must be referenced when ordering to receive the discount.


  • Enhance your experimental efficiency with NEB's rCutSmart™ Buffer. Over 210 restriction enzymes show full activity in this single buffer, streamlining your workflow. Plus, HF® enzymes maintain full activity in CutSmart buffer, offering flexibility without the hassle of buffer changes
  • Time-Saver Qualified: More than 180 restriction enzymes are Time-Saver qualified, allowing for rapid digestion in 5-15 minutes or safe overnight digestion, providing flexibility to accommodate varying experimental timelines
  • Large Selection: With over 265 restriction enzymes available, NEB offers the largest commercially available selection, ensuring you find the perfect enzyme for your specific application


  • Rapid Digestion: Experience rapid digestion in just 5-15 minutes, without compromising on DNA integrity, or opt for overnight digestion with confidence
  • BSA-Free: NEB is committed to sustainability and animalfree products. All current BSA-containing reaction buffers have been replaced with recombinant albumin, aligning with ethical and environmental considerations



Cat. no.ProductSize
R3552LAgeI-HF1500 units
R0558SAscI, recombinant500 units
R3136SBamHI-HF (High Fidelity)10 000 units
R3733SBsaI-HFv21000 units
R0134SBsmI, recombinant500 units
R0197SClaI, recombinant1000 units
R0176SDpnI, recombinant1000 units
R3101SEcoRI-HF (High Fidelity)10 000 units
R0195SEcoRV, recombinant4000 units
R3195SEcoRV-HF (High Fidelity)4000 units
R0107SHaeII, recombinant2000 units
R3104SHindIII-HF1000 units
R3142SKpnI-HF4000 units
R3198SMluI-HF (High Fidelity)1000 units
R0525LMseI, recombinant2500 units
R0106SMspI, recombinant 5000 units
R0193SNcoI, recombinant1000 units
R3193SNcoI-HF (High Fidelity)1000 units
R0111SNdeI, recombinant4000 units
R3131SNheI-HF (High Fidelity)1000 units
R0189SNotI, recombinant 500 units
R3189SNotI-HF (High Fidelity)500 units
R0655SPciI, recombinant200 units
R3140SPstI-HF10 000 units
R3156SSacI-HF (High Fidelity) 2000 units
R3138SSalI-HF (High Fidelity)2000 units
R3133SSpeI-HF500 units
R3182SSphI-HF (High Fidelity)500 units
R0145SXbaI, recombinant3000 units
R0146SXhoI, recombinant5000 units

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Vibeke Birkeland

Product specialist

Vibeke Birkeland