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Over the past decade, immunotherapy has rapidly become what many call the “fifth” pillar of cancer treatments due to its ability to reduce, and even eradicate, tumors in some people with advanced cancer. 

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T therapy is a revolutionary type of adoptive cell immunotherapy, which holds tremendous promise for many aggressive tumors. As the name implies, T cells are the backbone of CAR T-cell therapy. Currently available CAR T-cell therapies are customized for each individual patient and involve reprogramming the patient’s own immune system cells to target the cancer. CAR T-cell therapies are made by collecting T cells from the patient and reprogramming them in the lab to produce proteins on their surface called CARs. The CARs recognize and bind to specific antigens on the surface of cancer cells, and thereafter kills the cancer cells. 

The CAR-T development workflow 

The workflow for developing CAR T is a multi-step process that ensures the development of safe and effective treatments. Cell Signaling Technology (CST) offers product solutions for preclinical research for target identification and selection, CAR T-cell characterization, and response monitoring. 

CUT& RUN diagram

First-to-market CAR detection reagents for CAR-T research: Anti-CAR Linker mAbs

To aid in characterizing CAR-T cells, CST offers innovative and award-winning CAR Linker antibodies that target the G4S and Whitlow linker sequences of scFv-based CARs. Additionally, you can find fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies for CAR-T cell phenotyping and multiple IHC-validated monoclonal antibodies to analyze CAR targets in tissues. With a growing portfolio of related products, CST supports your CAR-T research, every step of the way. 


  • Designed to recognize a broad range of scFv-based CARs 
  • Specifically detect either: G4S Linker or Whitlow Linker 
  • Compatible with multiparametric flow panels 
  • Facilitate the monitoring of CAR expression, trafficking, and persistence 
  • Lot reservations and bulk orders available 


Anti-CAR linker antibodies

CST anti-CAR linker antibodies, against either the G4S or Whitlow linker, recognize exogenously expressed levels of scFv-based CARs. 

Anti-CAR Linker Panels

The CAR-T Cell Transduction Efficiency Flow Cytometry Panels can be used to identify conventional human T cell subsets that have been engineered to express scFv-based CARs containing a G4S or Whitlow linker. 

CAR-T Cell (G4S Linker) Transduction Efficiency Flow Cytometry PanelCST-18839S
CAR-T Cell (Whitlow/218 Linker) Transduction Efficiency Flow Cytometry PanelCST-35139S

Want to know more?

CST offers a diverse array of antibodies against targets in relevant signaling pathways, enabling you to evaluate downstream outcomes and better understand CAR-T cell behavior. Download the CAR Signaling Network pathway and find out more. 

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