New range of cell culture media without phenol red

Euroclone recognizes the critical need for precision and accuracy in cell culture experiments. To address this, they have developed a specialized range of media formulations that are completely free from Phenol Red, offering researchers a dependable solution to eliminate potential assay interference.

Their Phenol Red-Free Cell Culture Media provide a stable environment for cell growth, ensuring optimal cell viability and functionality without the confounding effects of phenol red. Whether conducting colorimetric or fluorescence-based assays, hormone studies, or live-cell imaging experiments, Euroclone's phenol red-free media deliver the consistency and reproducibility required for successful results. 

Cat. no.DescriptionSizeFormulations
EC-ECM0062LDulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium, w/o Glucose, w/o L-Glutamine, w/o Sodium pyruvate,w/o Phenol red500 mlDownload
EC-ECM0063LDulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium Low Glucose, with L-Glutamine, with Sodium pyruvate, w/o Phenol red500 mlDownload
EC-ECB7504LDulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium High Glucose, with Sodium pyruvate, w/o L-Glutamine and Phenol red500 mlDownload
EC-ECM0099LDulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium/ Ham's  F-12 , with L-Glutamine, w/o Phenol red500 mlDownload
EC-ECB2002LRPMI 1640 with L-Glutamine, w/o Phenol red500 mlDownload
EC-ECM0505LRPMI 1640 w/o L-Glutamine w/o Phenol red 500 mlDownload
EC-ECM0137LHam's Nutrient Mixture F-12 , w/o L-Glutamine, w/o Phenol red500 mlDownload
EC-ECB2069LMEM Eagle (2x) with Earle’s Salt, w/o Phenol red, w/ Sodium bicarbonate500 mlDownload


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Målfrid Røe

Product manager

Målfrid Røe


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