VectaPlex antibody removal kit

Multiplex immunofluorescence (IF) has emerged as a potent and versatile technique in spatial biology and biomedical research, enabling the visualization of multiple  biomolecules within a single sample.

Simplify multiplexing with VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit from Vector Laboratories. VectaPlex™ is an antibody removal agent that streamlines sample processing in manual workflows, accelerates multiplex assay optimization, preserves valuable samples, and ensures the preservation of tissue integrity and morphology across multiple rounds of antibody binding and removal. VectaPlex™ offers a straightforward tissue treatment, gently removing the detection reagents to facilitate another round of staining and imaging.

Benefit from up to 6 rounds of staining in this two-step reagent addition process, which is compatible with various IF workflows including tyramide signal amplification (TSA)-based detection methods. 

Use VectaPlex™ to explore numerous epitopes in a single experiment to increase throughput, conclusions, and correlations. With a single kit, take your single-plex and turn it into multiplex.


  • Removes antibodies and non-covalently bound reagents from FFPE tissue sections after staining
  • Maintains tissue integrity and morphology through multiple rounds of staining without compromising sample quality
  • Enables 6 rounds of staining without reducing target availability
  • Ready-to-use format streamlining the workflow and saving time in the laboratory
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Marte Sødal