Lunch Seminar with NEB

Want to be updated on the latest molecular biology techniques from New England Biolabs?


Like to host a Breakfast/ Lunch Seminar with molecular biology topics of your choice?

We are delighted to invite you to co-host a seminar with BioNordika & New England Biolabs. With the free-of-topic seminar, we offer you a unique opportunity to explore the latest molecular biology techniques and share your experiences and insights with your peers.


Bionordika offers:  

  • Coffee and Danish pastries or 
  • Sandwich + soft drink 

New England Biolabs offers

2-3 sessions with technologies of your choice, 20-30 min each, incl. Q&A 


Each session will include the following

  • Short description of a technique 
  • Most important products 
  • Remarkable stories of applying the technique 


Afterward, there will be time for discussion and questions about the talks and NEB products in general. 

The seminar is aimed at technicians, students, and researchers working with the techniques involved.